Welcome to Mebel Java

Welcome to Mebel Java

Mebel Java is  Indonesia wooden furniture exporter Division of CV MEBEL JEPARA SHOP INDONESIA, has years of experiences in manufacturing and exporting Indonesia-made wooden furniture; all recycled design, Suar wood, and other natural root art.

We are furniture sourcing agent  who provide importer, wholesale, shop, retailers and home decor professionals with quality furniture at wholesale price

We also work with retail and wholesale buyers from all around the world assisting in order management, quality control, shipping and delivery.

We manage orders with many types of products and with varying volumes on behalf of a diverse range of retail and wholesale clients.

Our Project

We provide importer, wholesale, Shop, retailers and home decor professionals with quality furniture at wholesale price.

  • WE COMMUNICATE.Communication is trust. From the moment we start production to the moment you unpack your goods, we will send you regular updates.

  • WE WORK FAST.We understand your time-constraints. We always respect the time frames and deadlines.

  • STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY.Working on an interior design project takes a lot of time. Running an independent retail store is a lot of work.Why should you travel half of the world to find a supplier? We make it easy for you to buy quality furniture at best price.

  • RELAX AND ENJOY.We don’t have to wear a suit to be professionals. Our work speaks for itself. We are easygoing, transparent and honest. Our prices are great and our quality is outstanding. No stress. When you are happy we are happy. It’s that simple!.

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